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News from Timedico

TiMedico’s new Tempus600 Quantit has received positive feedback and huge interest since it was launched in May at EuroMedLab 2019.
Over the last couple of years the collaboration between TiMedico and Made by Makers has resulted in a variety of products; where the latest one is Tempus600 Quantit.

At Made by Makers we are excited about this and happy to have been involved in the development process from Tempus600 Vita to Tempus600 Quantit.

Congratulations on all the positive feedback on the new product, TiMedico!


Hyperfine + MBM

Thank you, Hyperfine

Our new collaboration with Hyperfine is something we are very proud of. A successful collaboration is built on a shared vision and mutual trust, and we are thrilled that Hyperfine has entrusted us to be part of their mission:


The president of Hyperfine worked with the principals of Made by Makers on a number of product design projects in the past, and was very confident that Hyperfine could benefit as well.

What began from personal experience with expensive, inaccessible and complex MRI systems, has evolved into taking on a global challenge how to bring MRI to the 4.7 billion people around the world that do not have access this life-saving technology. To do this, Hyperfine is addressing five questions:

  • What if 100% of the world could access MRI?

  • What if MRI could be brought directly to the patient?

  • What if every hospital or clinic could afford MRI?

  • What if an MRI exam could be as easy to run as the playlist on an iPad?

  • What if MRI was safe enough to hold someone’s hand during the exam?

Curious about Hyperfine and this project? Check out their website: https://www.hyperfine.io/


DALI iO: Sound that never tires

With a clear focus on quality sound, class-leading battery time, and audio comfort; DALI launched their new DALI iO wireless headphones a few days ago. These are headphones built for extended listening with a comfortable, durable design - designed in collaboration with Made by Makers.  

We’re happy to once more have worked closely with the DALI team to develop a product as close to the user as possible - and we’re very excited to hear the first responses.

P.S. If you want to know more about what other projects we have helped DALI design, you can find it here: https://www.madebymakers.com/dali-speakers or https://www.dali-speakers.com/



Thank you, Analogic

“Analogic Creates Innovative Technology that Improves the Practice of Medicine and Saves Lives.”

Earlier this year Made by Makers was chosen as design partner on one of Analogic’s projects. This collaboration is something we are proud of, and humbled by. We see it as a commitment where we aim at bringing our very best to the table, and we feel very fortunate to have been selected to be part of this mission. 

Read more about Analogic’s latest projects and the company itself here: https://www.analogic.com



Together with Malene Hegenberger, we have been on an exciting journey over the past year. Hegenberger has invented a new speculum, a revolutionary tool to improve perineal repair for women following delivery, and we have assisted her in refining her design.
In this video, Hegenberger shares how it was to work with Made by Makers.


We just added 15 years of experience to the company!

A new year - and some exciting things are happening here at Made by Makers as a very skilled and experienced designer is joining the team and is adding a new profile to our design company.

Our new designer is Emil Wegger Jensen who has an education in architecture and industrial design. For the past 15 years he has worked at Designit; Europe’s largest strategic design consultancy with offices in 17 cities around the globe and clients in various sectors, including healthcare, finance, transportation, telecommunications, automotive and consumer goods.

The 1st of February Emil is joining us. He brings with him a wealth of experience ranging from project scoping, management, user insights, and human centered design to 3D modelling, prototyping and CMF. Furthermore, his in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of any given project is something we look forward to implementing at current and future Made by Makers projects.

No doubt Emil is a big win for the team as a whole and we are very pleased to welcome him to the team.



From the 1st of December Charlotte Bech Juel is joining the Made by Makers team. Charlotte is an Industrial designer experienced in UX design, but for the last couple years she has focused on strengthening organisational management. 
She has a wealth of hands-on experience with project leadership and project management, and will bring her expertise to all projects at Made by Makers.

It’s a unique opportunity for everyone to better utilise their individual skills and a big win for the team as a whole.

We welcome Charlotte to our team! 

Praktikopslag_Spring 2019
Aguardio, designed by MADE BY MAKERS

Når kortere bade bliver gjort intuitive gennem design

Aguardio har fået hjælp af Made by Makers til at designe. Med et færdigt udviklet produkt i hånden ser Aguardio’s CEO Thomas Munch-Larsen tilbage på det seneste år, hvor de er gået fra skitse til færdigt produkt, og han fortæller, hvordan designprocessen og samarbejdet med Made by Makers har været….

Hent artikel her



At the IFA show 2018 in Berlin the new DALI OBERON loudspeaker series had its world premiere. 
The series is a new benchmark for affordable audiophile loudspeakers, with incorporated SMC technology which reduces non-linear magnetic distortion drastically.

The Made by Makers team have once again worked closely with the DALI team to design the loudspeakers and we are excited to finally show you them here.



What a wonderful singer, great video and cool speakers - we love DALI

Shower Eco Guide / MADE BY MAKERS

Shower Eco Guide

A smarter way to save water while showering. ShowerEcoGuide is a simple solution which helps people to live more sustainable by changing their shower behaviour. MADE BY MAKERS /PROJECT PARTNER



After years of working with DALI Loudspeakers on a special project: DALI CALLISTO speaker system; it's now time to reveal what we have been working on. We introduce to you the DALI & Made by Makers video. So put on your headphones and get introduced to a speaker system that re-imagines Hi-Fi for the 21st Century! 

VSK_U14 piger.jpg

Did you know that... 

We are now a proud sponsor of VSK soccer team?  We are crossing our fingers and wishing the team a good season and lots of goals.


"Paying attention to details makes the difference"

Being a designer is being able to see the details; observe how an object functions, looks, and feels. 
We have made a video illustrating how we see the world as makers.

MBM - we design

Did you know that... we have moved location?

Here at Made by Makers it has been quite busy lately, as we have moved into our new office in Højbjerg. Here we are closer to nature but still surrounded by other companies and that combination seems to be just right for us. We look forward to seeing you in Højbjerg



En klog App som finder en ledig frisør i nærheden, når det passer dig! Identitet og animation...MADE BY MAKERS

Tempus 600 / Vita

Tempus 600 / Vita


Primetime News 

Exseed Device

Exseed Device

Welcome to Exseed

Together with a really talented group, we have designed the Exseed device. Test and improve the quality of your sperm from the comfort of your home. ExSeed Health's latest innovative product will help give couples all over the world the ability to improve their chances of becoming pregnant.

Check it out here: www.exseedhealth.com

Creativity World Forum 2017

Creativity World Forum 2017

Foto til hjemmesiden2.png

Fueling our creativity! 

We joined this years Creativity World Forum in Aarhus and had two awesome days full of great energy and inspiring speakers!

Tempus 600  Receiving Tray

Tempus 600 Receiving Tray

More products form TIMEDICO A/S

We are very proud of the two new products we have designed and developed in collaboration with TIMEDICO




A huge congratulations to Niels Katballe and Peter Heydorn from Pleuratech on entering the American market! 

We´re proud to have been part of the development team in the creation of KatGuide - a medical tool that promotes safe and accurate insertion and placement of pleural drains. 


Sneak peek...

The new DALI CALLISTO wireless speaker system is out soon and we are super excited! World premier at IFA Berlin next month.




MEDICOM IP Betaconnect

2017 Medical Design Excellence Award Finalist: 

Device: Betaconnect

Category: Digital Health Products and Mobile Medical Apps

BETACONNECT is the first and only fully-electronic autoinjector approved in the U.S., for assisting people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in performing self-injection of Betaseron. BETACONNECT is a unique service offering provided free of charge to Betaseron patients which has highlighted the excellent long-term reputation of Bayer and our ongoing commitment to patients with MS

ARLA  / Aarhus 2017

ARLA / Aarhus 2017


Kulturåret i Aarhus blev flot skud igang. ARLA fik i dagens anledning anvendt deres flotte mælkehuse...nu i GULD. Vi ønsker alle et fantastisk godt kulturår.

ARLA_guld II.jpg
Tempus 600  Vita

Tempus 600 Vita


Uddrag fra artikel i Magasinet Pleje:

"Direktør, Daniel Blak fra Timedico, som står bag udviklingen af TEMPUS600 Vita udtaler: “Vi har været i tæt samarbejde med Made by Makers omkring udviklingen af design og ny brugerflade til vores blodprøvestander. Standeren var lanceret men kunne ikke sælges på eksportmarkederne fordi design og brugerflade ikke var god nok og fordi den fyldte for meget på hospitalerne. Derfor indgik vi et samarbejde med Medico Technical Innovationscenter (MTIC) under Region Midt, og der blev inviteret 4 designbureauer hvor Made by Makers var det ene. Vi var ikke spor i tvivl om, at Made by Makers var de rigtige til opgaven. De forstod problemstillingen bedst, og de kom med den rigtige energi og måde at angribe opgaven på. Derfor indgik vi samarbejde med dem, og det har vi ikke fortrudt.”

Daniel Blak fortsætter: “Vi er faktisk ovenud begejstrede for Made by Makers. De er yderst kompetente og har løftet os gennem hele projektet. De har forstået at udfordre os indenfor den økonomiske ramme, og det der næsten har overrasket mig mest er, at de også er meget produktionsteknisk vidende. Det betyder, at vi har fået en samarbejdspartner, der både forstår brugernes ønsker og kan omsætte det til løsninger, vi kan arbejde med.

Vi har haft rigtig mange løsningsforslag, som alle har været yderst velbegrundede, og en efter en har vi i et tæt samarbejde snævret løsningen ind. Baggrunden for den valgte løsning er, at Made by Makers har lavet en omfattende brugerundersøgelse på en række hospitaler. De har været et uundværligt input i processen. I dag er Made by Makers vores faste designhus, og vi har lavet mange projekter sammen siden.”

ARLA+på+AGF+stadion (1).jpg

ARLA på AGF stadion

Vores kære Mælkehuse blev vist frem på AGF stadion...go kamp


Team Rynkeby med MBM logo

Vi tog godt imod Team Rynkeby som var forbi for at sige tak for støtten...med en skøn sang :)


Danish Design Award:

Together with Crown Prince Frederik and Chromaviso we had a wonderful evening at the Danish Design Award show



Made By Makers is now clothing sponsor for Lysengs talented football girls