MEDICOM INNOVATION PARTNER – masters in Advanced Medical Devices!

Medicom IP is drug delivery device specialist within injection, inhalation and connectivity – from ideation to launch! We are thrilled to have been working among them since 2005 in order to meet their clients’ needs of advanced device solutions. Always with an adaptive and agile approach and in high speed!

+ 40 projects

In close cooperation with Medicom IP we work with:

Industrial design / App design / Interactive user flow / Animation / User Guide / Packaging / Man-Machine Interface /Prototyping...


CHROMAVISO - may there be light!

Ergonomic light please! Always challenging the level of innovation, user interaction and high tech performance. Chromaviso keeps us awake and on our toes! These people just knows everything about ergonomic lightning, and they never hesitate to explore new areas and experiences. We are with you all the way!

Projects for Chromaviso:

Strategic planning / systems and devices / Industrial design / Panels / User interface / Touch boards / Identity / Website...


DALI – what you see is what you hear!

They said it themselves, -Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries! Blending audiophile engineers with perfectionistic designers, adding high quality and honesty -you’re just had it coming! Working with DALI since 2006 we are continuously thrilled with their ambitious approach to “sound and feel”. The sound experience and the design adds up, “What you see is what you hear!”

Published loudspeakers series:



DEVELCO PRODUCTS - sensing ambitions!

Times are changing and with Develco Products we are moving fast and focused to stay in front. Internet Of Things makes every connection possible. With Develco Products the focus is targeted on user experience, Nordic aesthetics and usefulness.  Agility, great people and close corporations, what’s more to want!?


TIMEDICO – clever and fast

Working with energetic and clever minds, is a joy! At Timedico -the pipeline of powerful people and actions, runs along with their successful transportation pipeline, that safely and fast transport blood samples directly from the patient to the lab, in a few seconds.


ARLA – don’t tell it, show it!

Made by Makers creates experience design for Arla to help the dairy company interact with their target group at festivals, events and visitor centres. As an innovative company Arla shares various challenging assignments with us. Forget about traditional interior design and learning spaces or ordinary furniture and branding props. In the world of Arla the target group explore and gets challenged and inspired when they dig deep into the Arla knowledge.

Projects for Arla Foods:

  • Milkhouses: Mobile urban installation framing the mission of “creating healthier food habits of the next generation”.
  • Interactive Visitor Center. Conceptual work, design and implementation. Interactive Learning Installation
  • Installations / Decor in meeting rooms.
  • Illustrations and Graphics in Arla´s internal magazine; Talking Point
  • Illustrations and Graphics on Arla milk cartons. 
  • B2B marketing campaigns for following products: Low fat Cheese, Muffins, Egg replacements.

In collaboration with LEGO we work within various design fields:

LEGO – play to learn

LEGO is all about playful learning and for LEGO Education we develop creative learning experiences. LEGO Education has a vision about transforming the way learning takes place to something more effective, engaging and motivating. The children love it – and so do we.

At Made by Makers we enjoy LEGO’s true desire to develop and deliver meaningful experiences for the children. And we welcome their high expectations.

Pleuratech / Katguide

PLEURATECH – Custom designed medical equipment

Pleuratech brings better medical equipment to the surgeons and patients. The way to do that is to get as close to a hands-on experience as possible.

Placed right next to the surgeon in the operating room we get a feel of the use – and how it can be improved. Teaming up with a scientific medical orientation and a pragmatic engineering point of view makes it possible to create unique tools that make a difference! Talk about a cross-disciplinary team with an impact.